Our Vision and Values














Our Vision

To become the most respected VR and 3D multimedia knowledge company in Africa and by working in the knowledge paradigm, to develop international partnerships and build a global reputation for our work in Africa.

To use the visually interactive nature of Virtual Reality to communicate ideas and concepts to address the training and skills needs of our diverse communities and to help overcome the literacy and language barriers to learning. In this way, to help people to bridge the skills and knowledge divide.


Our Core Values

We believe our first responsibility is to all those that use our products and services

  • To meet our clients' and partners' needs, everything we do must be of a high quality
  • We shall strive to meet our clients needs ON TIME - and in a friendly and efficient manner
  • We must minimize costs and re-work so as to maintain reasonable prices
  • In this way - we will not only satisfy customer expectations – but exceed them
  • All our efforts should go towards building and enhancing our reputation as well as that of our clients.


We are responsible to all our team

  • Who must be recognized for their merit, worth and contribution as individuals
  • And who should be competent - and their actions ethical and just, by providing support, strategic direction and mentoring
  • We will respect their dignity and diverse backgrounds and
  • Support each other and work as a professional team
  • We shall handle debate constructively but feel free to make suggestions and complaints
  • As part of our work together, compensation must be fair
  • Our working environment should be kept clean, orderly, and safe and
  • There must be opportunities for personal growth and skills development according to experience, qualifications, and business need
  • We shall also place a high premium on our creativity and the excellence of our craft
  • Whilst keeping in mind our customers’ needs


We are responsible to our communities

  • In which we live and work; we will bear our fair share of taxes and also Increase our impact on society through the work that we do
  • We shall protect our environment
  • We are committed to working within our modern South Africa and will respect and value its multicultural identity
  • According to business needs, we must constantly evaluate new ideas and experiment with new concepts - our customers expect no less


Our final responsibility is to our future

  • We must build financial reserves for adverse times
  • And build on a culture of growth
  • When we operate according to these principles
  • Our business should achieve reasonable margins and shareholders should realise a fair return