interactive3d learning objects (i3dlo’s)

The Naledi3d factory has pioneered the use of virtual reality as an innovative way to communicate knowledge to the more disadvantaged communities in Africa.

Growing out of this work, the powerful interactive3d learning object (i3dlo) concept began to emerge in 2005/6.

i3dlo’s represents a natural progression in the e-learning paradigm - one that can significantly increase the impact of educational interventions.

i3dlo’s are based on visually interactive PC simulations that
combine virtual reality (interactive 3D visualisations) with the pedagogical concept of the “learning object”.

They are a very efficient way to package knowledge in discrete units that are easy to digest and which can be re-used in a number of ways). 

i3dlo’s offer a rich and engaging learning experience –characterised by longer learning retention and are ideally suited to take advantage of our cognitive visual strengths.

Through the localisation process, the re-usability of interactive3d learning objects can be further enhanced:

  • The language elements (audio, text) can be easily translated - locally
  • The message can be easily adapted to suit local contexts and needs
  • The use of local language is encouraged –key to the preservation of indigenous languages

Even technical concepts can be packaged into re-usable i3dlo’s and made freely available to a broader learning community.

In a nutshell, e-learning has now been taken to a new level - and interactive3d learning objects created in one language can be circulated across Africa, translated (and even re-contextualised) before being used locally in training and skilling activities.

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