Why 3d-Educate?

“Naledi3d Factory is… more than an excellent technical partner for UNESCO. I have personally been impressed by the company’s commitment to, in the spirit of post apartheid South Africa, seek new solutions and share know-how for the public good across the continent”
Peter Schiøler, CII Advisor to UNESCO (Paris)

The VR lesson is different in a way that it shows clearly what one is learning… With models being rotated in all the angles one would want to learn more and more.”
David Kansime - St Henry’s College, Kitovu, Uganda

By engaging students with our interactive 3D material, we can change any classroom into an exciting experience and discovery session!  Electrifying students with photo-realistic and mind blowing content can transform any audience from passive to excited participants. Through VR and interactive 3D, we can:

  • Significantly Improve the learning experience
  • Take far less time to explain complex ideas
  • Improve knowledge retention by orders of magnitude 

We focus primarily on STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) – from human anatomy to the periodic table, Pythagoras' Theorem, Bernoulli's principle and many more - traditionally difficult concepts to interpret for the learner.