Some of our Past Projects

Metrology for SME Owners – Africa (NMISA, 2015)
Sound, traceable measurement is crucial in all businesses, including SME's, not only those that want to export their products, but also those who sell locally.

If you want to produce a quality product, you need to be aware of what the Quality Infrastructure can do for you. The QI is global, irrespective of whether you are in business in Cape Town, Stone Town or Free Town. Quality and accurate, traceable measurement is vital to trade promotion, and to economic growth.

This engaging 3D video takes the cases of banana and furniture production and looks at how the Quality Infrastructure can make the difference in building local sales and also, selling into global markets.


Metrology for SME Owners – South Africa (NMISA, 2014)
Small and Micro Enterprises (SMEs) play an important economic role in South Africa. However, while starting up and operating a small business can lead to business success, it can also lead to failure, with around 75% of all new SME's in South Africa failing within the first year.

Successful companies must understand sound, traceable measurement systems and a clear understanding of measurement is crucial in all businesses, including SME's, and, not just only those that export their products.


City of Tshwane’s Innovation Strategy (City of Tshwane, 2013)
The City of Tshwane (COT) had recently launched its new Innovation Framework, and its practical implementation had to be communicated to over 24 000 CoT staff, at all levels within the organisation.

What better way to do this than by using innovative 3d communication material to communicate the main concepts visually. This 3D animated video gives a visual overview of the main elements of the Innovation Framework and how it will be applied, how it can be accessed, and how everyone can benefit.

The use of visual (and 3D) metaphors makes what was quite complicated material easy to digest, and is very effective in communicating these concepts to staff at all levels.
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City of Tshwane

How a Business Works (the Innovation Hub, 2013)
In introducing the concept of a typical business structure (using the analogy of a vegetable shop and a farm), the focus of this 3D animated video is to discuss the main stakeholders in a business (shareholders, managers and workers – and not to mention, customers), and what their key roles are.

This short, high impact yet engaging video reaches out to many audiences, including SME’s (irrespective of educational level) in a friendly and reassuring manner without overwhelming, nor belittling the audience.

A lack of understanding of these relationships is commonly experienced in many new (and even established) manufacturing and service orientated SME businesses and indeed, is an issue facing many rural development projects, which impacts on sustainability and their broader potential.
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The Innovation Hub

Mine safety and mineral processing
We are collaborating with MLT Australia to create a range of new, innovative mine safety and mineral processing training content - by blending blended and on-line learning content with 3D animation and 3D simulation snippets to highlight key points.

Starting with snatch-blocks and the "triange of death", we are very excited by this this wide-reaching initiative, which will make a huge difference in addressing training needs across the mining and mineral processing sectors. back to top ↑

New Road Safety Initiative - Driving Safe
We all know that South Africa experiences some of the worst road collision and death rates in the world, with around 40 to 45 people dying every day, and many more injured.

We want to do something about it - and that something is called "Driving Safe".

Targeting drivers, pedestrians and cyclists, we believe there is a huge need for good, quality, yet basic road safety information to not only help drivers pass the K53 driving test, but to help everyone to be safe on our roads.

Building on 3D and today's social media platforms, and more, we know that Driving Safe can make a huge difference. Please support us.back to top ↑