the Naledi3d Factory

“…is unique in truly developing the educational potential of VR - by applying with great skill, innovation and imagination, the technology's attributes - including the power of communication using visual metaphors independent of literacy levels or spoken language”
Blair Parkin (2008). MD - Visual-Acuity Ltd, UK


The Naledi3d Factory is Africa’s leading 3D visualisation company.
We are ten years old this year… and are based at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria, South Africa.

We create visually interactive content based on Virtual Reality (VR), which alows us to create material that is content, as well as context rich, in realistic and stimulating three-dimensional environments.

Our interactive3d learning object concept (self contained, “localisable” visual learning objects) takes the potential impact even higher levels.

At the Naledi3d Factory, we have successfully used VR to c ommunicate concepts and practices in many areas, such as:

  • Industrial training
  • Safety awareness
  • Rural skills development, for example, agriculture, sanitation and health
  • Heritage
  • New technology concepts


Our partners have included:

  • Independent Development Trust (IDT)
  • WK Kellogg Foundation
  • AngloGold Ashanti
  • Rand Water Board
  • Freedom Park Trust
  • UNESCO-IICBA (Ethiopia)
  • Metropolitan City of Johannesburg
  • Dept of Labour (National Skills Fund)
  • CSIR
  • National Laser Centre, CSIR
  • SA Department of Communications
  • South African Excellence Foundation
  • City of Roermond (Netherlands)
  • GeoDelft Architects (Netherlands)
  • Techniek Museum (Delft, Netherlands)


We have close ties with Finland, Sweden, Singapore, the USA and UK – but focus our efforts in Africa. We have worked with partners in several countries including Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Mozambique, Sudan, Senegal, Zimbabwe as well as South Africa.

Let your customers SEE your products in action

Do you want:

  • To really impress your potential clients?
  • To compete with the best in global markets?
  • Have a powerful way to market your products and new technologies?


What can 3d-Marketing do for you?

http://www.eonreality.com/news/news_archive/images/Whirlpool1.gifSuccessful and innovative marketing is key to remaining competitive and growing your sales and exports. Exporters who can better differentiate their offering via a richer, more satisfying purchasing experience also have a better chance of sales success.

3d-Marketing is the answer. 3d-Marketing is innovative, and is based on interactive, immersive and photorealistic Virtual Reality (VR) simulations that offer a new and exciting way to demonstrate your manufactured goods and their key selling points.

Interactive 3D visualisation technologies are being increasingly used in the European, US and Asian markets to enhance their marketing and sales functions and provide a business edge over competitors – pointing to an exciting future for product marketing.

3d-Marketing gives South African manufacturers a worldwide reach in the global village – with potential benefits for increased exports and the creation of new local wealth and jobs.

Your market will understand your product faster and better than ever before leading to increased sales!


What is 3d-Marketing?

When a process or concept is explained to us, we tend to picture it in our minds. 3d-Marketing takes advantage of our innate visualisation capabilities by using digital computer gaming techniques to show your products visually – your target audiences are able to SEE and even DO.

The Naledi3d Factory’s approach to 3d-Marketing is based on virtual demonstrations – and builds on a decade of experience in South Africa, working with our US partners, EON Reality Inc. who specialise in digital product development with many of the largest Fortune 500 companies.

3d-Marketing based on realistic interactive 3D imagery and can be made up of one or more modules per product.

Coupled with modern 3D display systems such as holographic displays or large 3D screens, the WOW effect is amazing.

Not only can your audience be shown your products but they can also "interact" with them – leading to a better understanding of why they should buy now.





Let’s work together to define how 3d-Marketing can help to grow your sales:

  • Flexible
  • Time and cost effective
  • An enhanced customer understanding of your product
  • A richer, more satisfying purchasing experience
  • Customizable and updatable to show new enhancements

Application Areas

  • Product marketing – showing the key selling points of your product visually
  • National sales drives
  • Export drives and international trade shows




  • Designed to enhance your existing marketing material
  • Value for money
  • Customizable content – visual, language, branding, text and audiovisual
  • Eliminates the cost of shipping actual products to international trade shows
  • Customers set their own pace of interaction with your product
  • PC-based ‑ basic mouse skills only are required