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Market your company like never before on Google EarthTM in 3D

Do you really exist if you aren’t in 3D?

Earth.PNG youtube Google EarthTM is a free program that lets you go anywhere in the world and view the Earth’s surface. It uses satellite images, 3D terrains as well as 3D buildings.

Google Earth is one of the most popular 3D desktop applications ever - it's been downloaded more than 100 million times and has more than 250,000,000 users, according to Google (2009). People are using Google Earth to explore the world’s rich geography, search for street addresses, find business locations, research holiday destinations, orientate themselves before arriving at a destination - and much, much more…

We believe that Google Earth is at the same stage now as the World Wide Web was 15 years ago – think back to the time that “websites” moved from IT to marketing departments when it’s potential as a corporate communication / marketing tool became clear.


In Europe, North America and Asia, many thousands of quality buildings have already been placed on Google Earth where they are available 24/7, 365 days a year – and to millions of users world-wide.

A realistic 3D presentation of your building(s) (and its architecture) on Google Earth, integrated with your existing web site, will become part of your Corporate brand.

So, still hidden behind a street address and a two-dimensional website?
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We offer Google Earth-based 3D solutions for businesses and government, as well as state-based organisations.

Our 3D building models in the Google Earth data warehouse are attracting 5-star ratings from 3D developers world-wide… the message imparted by your building architecture and brand is safe with us…

We can assist your customers and partners to SEE who you really are - faster and better than ever before – and its all in in 3D.

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