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Mine safety and mineral processing
We are collaborating with MLT Australia to create a range of new, innovative mine safety and mineral processing training content - by blending blended and on-line learning content with 3D animation and 3D simulation snippets to highlight key points.

New Road Safety Initiative - Driving Safe
We all know that South Africa experiences some of the worst road collision and death rates in the world, with around 40 to 45 people dying every day, and many more injured.
We want to do something about it - and that something is called "Driving Safe".

Selling the WOW - take advantage of our new high impact videos
We have created a new genre of video - short, sharp, high impact and building on 3D. Our video's are a powerful new way for you to launch and market new products, new services and even, new developments.
Call us to help you to deliver that "wow" to your target audiences , stakeholders or clients.
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Water Academy launch

Marketing in Google Earth with 3D
Careers advice - "A day in the life of a ..."


Helping our youth make Career Choices
We are working with Bursary Management Systems (BMS) to create a series of truly engaging "A Day in the Life of" career video’s, freely available as downloads to mobile phones & PC’s.

Short, sharp, and building on 3D, these videos will help our youth to better understand what a particular career choice entails, see what to study to get there, and as a result, make more informed career choices. We know that this will make study bursary applications more focused and so much more efficient.

We aim to do this sector by sector, and if you can help in the form of sector sponsorship, please get in touch .

i3dlo's success in Zimbabwe

Interactive3d learning objects (i3dlo's) have been used successfully in Zimbabwe to help small-holding farmers”

Our recent project in Zimbabwe (working with World Links Zimbabwe and small-holding farmers to improve farming skills) is recognised by the World Summit Awards (WSA) “as one of the most outstanding examples of creative and innovative e-Content
Video - Open Day for local Farmers
Video - Open Day for local Farmers

An article reviewing our work in Africa and in community development was published by the IEEE in 2008 – “Using VR for Human Development in Africa”, IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications. May / June 2008  


The Naledi3d Factory - "One of South Africa's most innovative companies" - (Business Day)

What we do
The Naledi3d Factory uses VR to communicate concepts and practices in a wide range of disciplines including industrial training and safety awareness, health and sanitation, heritage, new technology concepts etc. including applications that can impact on community development.

We focus our efforts in Africa - where we have worked with organisations in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, Mozambique, Sudan, Senegal, and Zimbabwe - as well as South Africa itself.

Why VR
VR is a powerful way to communicate ideas and concepts and allows us to create content that is both content and context rich – content that also engages the end-user.


In the past, VR technologies were the reserve of wealthy “techies” with head-mounted displays and tactile gloves.

Today, we can bring this powerful interactive 3D medium to most modern desktop and notebook PCs and virtually any community.


“We dream visually, we read visually. Therefore, by using VR to show concepts and knowledge in a visual way, we can dramatically enhance the level of understanding of any subject

"VR in Africa for Africa in Africa, by Africa …"


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VR in Africa
The Naledi3d Factory is unique world-wide in its work exploring the use of VR to communicate concepts to people in emerging communities and have developed an enviable track record in this area.

In Africa, where poor literacy skills and language barriers pose a huge challenge to communication, VR comes into its own. It’s intensely visual nature overcomes these barriers by showing content – not telling.

Our work with emerging farmers in Zimbabwe was selected by the World Summit Awards (WSA) in 2009 for a special mention as “one of the most outstanding examples of creative and innovative e-Content” (selected from 20 000 nominations from 157 countries).


"Ten years of our work in Africa – a retrospective overview"

We are also the distributor of EON Reality Inc and Volfoni hardware and software solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa.
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